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Luxury real estate and constructions Farkas – Tradition and Quality

Luxury real estate and construction Farkas is privately owned company located in Umag, Istria, Croatia. We are specialized in construction of high quality buildings based on the "turnkey" system and selling of luxury real estate in Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia and islands. Luxury real estate and construction Farkas brings vast experience and expertise together with more than 20 years long tradition of great success and reputation of family-run company Marviss Services Ltd.
Luxury real estate and construction Farkas is a member of Investment in Croatia Group offering management services for top investments and strategic project developments in Croatia. We work  across Istrian County – country’s most developed tourist destination, Kvarner, Dalmatia and islands and focus on Croatia based property developments. Contact our team of experts and find out more about latest projects and project ideas to invest in Croatia! 
Luxury real estate and construction Farkas projects include both residential and commercial buildings, comprising full range of building and refurbishment activities. Our team consists of consultants, architects, lawyers, surveyors, engineering and construction professionals who serve our clients' needs successfully by focusing on quality and cost-effective solutions, respecting timely commitments and being budget oriented.
Our tailor-made approach starts with meeting our clients and listening to their needs, wishes and ideas, based on which we provide professional consulting, logistics management, geodetic surveying, and architectural design and concept development services. After all these aspects are integrated into the project, we start with the construction. Farkas Ltd from Umag is the first construction company in Croatia that offers the possibility to the client to monitor the construction and progress of a project via live streaming camera.
You are considering building or buying a property in Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia or islands,  contact us for free consultation. Luxury real estate Farkaš can assist you in searching and finding the best selection of luxury residential homes and villas, old Istrian stone houses and apartments located on the Adriatic coast or in the Istrian countryside, Kvarner, Dalmatia, islands, Dubrovnik.
We will be happy to provide a list of references of our satisfied clients and partners worldwide on request and to provide field trips on previously completed projects, whenever possible.
Find out more about our services and explore our photo gallery.
Siniša Farkaš 
CEO & Founder


Christmas and New Year greetings

Dear clients, 

As this year 2020 was one of the most interesting but also the most turbulent for our civilization in general, we really want from the bottom of our hearts the whole world to be full of health, optimism, prosperity, joy, happiness and love. 

See you again 07.01.2020. with a lot of new and beautiful things we have prepared for you. 

Your Real estate Farkaš | Umag

Investing in real estate during the Corona in Istria

During the pavid pandemic caused by the covid 19 virus, the Istrian region proved to be one of the safest areas in throughout the European Union, 
acting at the right time of all private and public sector institutions and civil protection headquarters. Sales of real estate, especially luxury real estate, 
recorded almost no decline or a negligible percentage. Investments in Istria have proven to be one of the safest in the European real estate sector in general. 
Farkaš real estate Umag, as a leader in the sale of all types of real estate, has also achieved excellent results in real estate sales. 
In the last 5 years, Istria has recorded a large number of immigrants from all over the world. Investing in luxury real estate in tourism, new resorts, hotels, 
villas, as well as in other sectors of the economy. 
We invite you to send us all questions regarding the purchase of your desired property to our e-mail or phone, and we can schedule an online meeting 
to answer all your questions as accurately as possible. 

Your Farkaš real estate Umag

Covid 19 - Business News

Covid 19 - Business News

Dear customers,

Due to the new situation with the Covid-19 virus, we offer our customers real estate viewing services via live cameras, 3D cameras, online meetings, legal services, as well as financial transactions when buying real estate.

For more information, contact our phones or email addresses.

Your Farkaš real estate Umag

New google business site

Real estate Farkaš, Umag, Istria, Croatia has new Google business site, where from now on, you will be able to see new trends in the real estate market in the world and in Croatia.

First villa in Croatia sold via VR technology

Luxury Real Estate Farkas Croatia is the first in Croatia to sell a villa with a swimming pool in Istria via VR technology to customers in the US.
Soon on the renovated site, all luxury real estate will be able to view virtual reality real estate, video, real estate environment and the exterior of the property as well as its interior.